Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's Your Signature Move?

Being a celebrity can have its disadvantages, like being followed by the paparazzi, or having a screwed up life, but there are also some nice perks. One of these would be be having your own signature move or trademark that you are known for. I was going to create a test where you could match the celebrity to their famous move, but I couldn't get Blogger to format how I wanted it to so I will just list some celebrity signature moves that come to mind.

Johny Carson- The golf swing after each monologue
Kareem Abdul Jabaar - The Sky Hook
Richard Nixon -The Peace Sign
The Rock -The People's Elbow
Carol Burnett - The Ear Tug
Michael Jackson - The White Glove
Michael Jordan - The tongue hanging out
Matthew Mcconaughey -Taking off his shirt withinin the first 10 minutes of every movie he has ever been in.
Isaac from the Love Boat - The Point/Wink

If I were a celebrity I think I would be known for pretending to be a robot. Unless I was filming a scene or on a movie set, I would always talk in a monotone voice and move like a robot. I'm sure people would eat it up and if I was good enough, some loyal fans might even believe I was not human. If you were a celebrity what would your trademark or signature move be?


Kristina P. said...

Well, I think my signature is clearly my Snuggie. Is that a good thing? Hmmmm.

ShanaM said...

I think I would do a air-kiss and a wave. IF i were famous. I would like to be famous

Lisa said...


Like Simon Cowell - Chest Caressing.

Eric said...

Definitely a few spin arounds on a skateboard (360's). Of course, in a business environment, I'd carry it in a briefcase. I would have to put it together with all the precision of a marksman with a rifle or something for dramatic effect.

Bobby G said...

DAMNIT! Isaac took mine!