Friday, October 30, 2009

Lonely Weekend Blogging

I am always amazed at how busy blogs are with new posts during the first of the week, but something sad happens each Friday around noon. The new posts pretty much come to a halt until Monday. Sometimes when I check my reader on weekends I feel like Charleton Heston in The Omega Man as he drives through abandoned city streets with noone in sight. The main difference is he drove a cool convertible and I drive a crappy laptop.

Some bloggers still post over the weekend, but most of the traffic really slows down. I actually enjoy checking blogs during the weekend even though there is less activity. I'd like to thank those who give us something to read while most everyone else has checked out for several days. It's probably a good thing that some people take the weekends off or their weekend posts might not be so coherent. In the mean time, I still think there is something sad about the lonely blogs during the weekend. No need to comment, I already know this is the lamest post I have ever done.


Lisa said...

They say Sundays are lonelier for the lonelies.

I have felt lonely on many weekends and that was when I posted "Song and Views outside my Bedroom Windows".

Now I try to make a point to create new memories on my Sundays for the Sundays in My City hosted by the wonderful Unknown Mami.

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I stopped posting on weekends a long time ago, and readership definitely goes down.

Fran Hill said...

I don't understand the dip. Weekends are when I have the time. Does that make me very sad and so obviously not out enjoying myself?

Joanna Jenkins said...

I totally agree. I thought it was just me! Mondays are swamped, Tuesday things slow, Wednesday gets busy but by Friday-- nothing! Oh well. I spend the weekend catching up on my blog reading.

Hope your weekend is good.


Raine said...

I like that weekends slow down because as the week progresses, I get farther and farther behind. I can catch up on the weekends :D