Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is Blogging Dead?

Since I updated my old ugly blog design to this new ugly one, I have noticed a big time decrease in traffic. The day I made the change, there was an 80% decrease in visitor traffic and my reports have nearly flat lined since then. I can't tell if this is some error in the tracking code or if it doesn't like the new blog template or if everyone is really that put off by the new look of Chaka's World.

I'd be interested to know if any of you have noticed any changes in the last couple of weeks? Is anybody still there?

This whole situation has made me a little paranoid and got me wondering if blogging is becoming outdated and it not that cool anymore. Are blogs being replaced by Facebook and Twitter? Some people might think other forms of social media are more hip and quicker to update. Who needs speed? I actually enjoy creating all of my posts with movable type.

Even if blogging is going the way of VHS tapes and dinosaurs, I still think it is cool and I will keep doing it for therapeutic reasons even if nobody else can see it.


Kristina P. said...

Nope, it's not just you. Things haven't recovered since last summer, and I do think it's because of FC and Twitter. My stats are down, as are comments.

russell jack said...

how are you measuring your stats? i don't see any google analytics tracking in your code.... did you omit it when you got the new design?

Cheeseboy said...

I haven't noticed my stats going down, but I have noticed comments. I do think Twit and FB are soaking up people's blog reading time, which is a shame.

I have hope that Twit and FB will become boring soon and that people will go back to reading blogs.

Crystal Pistol said...

Interesting. My stats are actually up recently. Twitter sucks.

ShanaM said...

Yeah, I noticed a major decrease in visitors in the last few weeks. (come visit!!)

I think there might be less people journalling, and more 'specific' blogs like decorating (TONS of them) or photography.

I do think that facebook is a quick, popular way to stay in touch.

Eric said...

I'm solely responsible for decreased blog traffic, internet wide. I've been quite busy at work, sorry all, I will not let it happen again.

BTW, when people put 'RIP' on their tombstone, it's like they were saying 'Dang, I'm dead now, what a rip-off.'?

Tom said...

Russell-I'm still getting some data so I think it's an Analytics problem. I didn't remove it so it still should be there. BTW-People like you who can read HTML code remind me of the dude in the Matrix who can make sense of the green streaming symbols.

Eric, when I die I am just going to have them read a book of all your comments at my funeral. Your funny comments could lighten up any situation.

Kelly said...

I like your new look.... Seems familiar : )

My comments slowed way down since I have stopped commenting so much. I've decided I don't care. I am writing for myself mostly anyways and I don't have time to read as much. Let alone comment.

Sorry to all my bloggy friends.

Marnie said...

I'm with Cheeseboy, my stats are the same, but comments are down. Grrr.

mCat said...

I can't really compare apples to apples since I went private. Most def going private kills your traffic and comments.

Kind sucks, losing out on some networking with on-line friends, but hopefully once everything shakes out in my world I can go public again.

I do think after hearing the same feelings voiced from others, that blogging in general is down. Less posting, less commenting, less reading. FB is taking a lot of people.

Jeanne Estridge said...

I wasn't able to see stats until Google started hand-delivering them a few months back, so I don't know if I'm down or not--I've been pretty level for that long.

I've also started posting a link to my post of my Facebook page, which bumped me up a fraction (but not much).


Thats a good question. I don't know. I do know that I have been less active but that's due to having less time. Maybe I'm being idealistic but I'm seeing our time TODAY as a special time when we will be able to say 20-30 years from now that we were the innovators of this virtual community called blogging. I think history will look back on this time and recognize how unique it was.

LegalMist said...

My stats and comments are down, too, although for me I think it's at least partly because I'm not posting or commenting on other blogs as often, especially since I joined FB and tend to post shorter things there and it takes some of the time I would have spent blogging.

FB is easier, but it's not as nice for longer posts or musings or rants. I like it best for quick two or three line updates.

But I think as more people use FB and twitter, there is less time for blogs. Sad, really. I like the blog world a lot.

And I like your new look! Try not to take the decrease personally or as a comment on the change. Probably just a coincidence!