Monday, May 30, 2011

What Unites Us?

Lately I have been thinking about what unites and divides people. I remember back when I owned a Plymouth Grand Voyager. When I'd see another guy driving around town in the same make and model, we'd look at each other with respect and admiration since we were basically a band of minivan brothers.

It's amazing how some simple things like enjoying the same rock band or movie can unite people. Some people feel a common kinship to others because they share the same religion, race, age, graduated from the same school, or are members of the same political party.

I appreciate and can see the value in diversity and individualism, but I also think it would be nice if we could focus more often on our similarities rather than our differences. There is plenty of contention and division in the world today, so if we were more civil and focused on our shared beliefs and similarities, it would be a big improvement to improving unity.

If we are ever tempted to develop an elitist's false sense of superiority because we belong to any particular group, then I think we should at least channel that towards aliens instead of fellow human beings. Speaking of aliens, I believe one thing that could unite mankind would be if we were attacked by aliens. I've seen Independence Day and despite the world wide body count , it could ease tension in the middle east and unite the human race.

Are you a terrorist who hates it when you bite your tongue or the inside of your mouth and you get a canker sore? Me too! I bet we both hate hang nails and stubbing our toes too. Maybe the first step towards developing solidarity for the human race can be accomplished by focusing on the little insignificant experiences we share that make us all human.

We may have completely opposite political ideologies and religious beliefs, but we can still be friends and enjoy each others company. Especially if you want to talk about thing we both love like sunflower seeds, pizza, how great our mothers are, NBA playoffs, clean sheets, movies, getting massages, or having a day off from work.

I still believe that conflict is sometimes necessary and there are principles, beliefs, and preferences that people should not abandon, but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate and respect all members of the human race and focus on our similarities more often.


Kristina P. said...

Was this directed at my hatred of Mario Lopez?

Claudya Martinez said...

I love your last paragraph.

Cheeseboy said...

Yes, very interesting indeed.

Interesting phenomena in Disneyland this year: When I would see someone else wearing a University of Utah shirt, almost always we would stop and talk to each other. When someone was wearing a BYU shirt, almost always they would glare at me in my Utah hat like "how dare you be here with us". Definitely felt united with the Utah fans.

Kelly said...

Very good point! I like your thinking.

mCat said...

Amen - great post and thought provoking.

THe girls I run with are such a diverse group of women - no one would ever guess that we were best friends, but we choose to focus on the things we have in common and that unite us and respectfully ignore the differences