Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Decorating

Now that it is December, I can address this subject without angering those people who want to keep the holidays in their proper order. (Those are the same people who reprimand people for listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.) I have also been a little critical of other's Christmas traditions in the past. I am trying to chill out and be more tolerant so I am not going to do the following things this year:

1) I won't complain about how early some people start decorating.

3) I will not say anything about the Clark Griswold's of the world who's decorated home's give off more light than the sun.

However, there is one area, where I can not budge. This has to do with consistency. I suggest you pick a theme when decorating and stick with it. I know it takes some mental effort and focus but it is worth it. If a nativity scene is too religious for you then use Frosty The Snowman or Santa stuff, but please don't have a manger scene in your front yard accompanied by Santa, Jack Frost, and Spider Man. This is my simple Christmas wish (and also world peace). For those of you who insist on the Shrek, Rudolph, and Iron Man combination, I still wish you a Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you are celebrating.


Kristina P. said...

I think a Disney nativity sounds awesome.

Eric said...

So a gorilla in the nativity scene is verbotten? haha

Rosee Rouge said...

Is that a house? I thought it was It's a Small World at Disneyland!

HoodChick said...

I think you're more likely to get world peace.

I just wish people would keep off my case for NOT decorating. Cripes people I got stuff going on!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...that's horrible, just horrible. I haven't seen any of those inflatable snowmen or snow globes in any of my neighbor's yards this year...thank goodness.

peewee said...

There's a street in utah that they call christmas street or whatever and ALL teh houses on the block decorate all crazy. My personal Fav is the blow up homer simpson. Annnnnd there's this one house that has ALL these creepy dolls in the window. Like LOTS. All looking out. They're lifelike dolls, as in actual child sized.

I just wanted to give you one more thing to hate. I'm good like that