Sunday, December 20, 2009

Picture of the Month Dec 09

I think this is great. I can't compete with my neighbors lights either.


Kristina P. said...

This is my favorite picture this year!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Love it! There is a house down the road that is unbelievable here; actually 3 houses combined to make this wonderland complete with a musical concert with coordinating light show, bubbles, and more. His neighbor across the street also said "ditto". Hilarious :)

Kelly said...

Do they still have that house that uses every single space available decorated at the bottom of the wild mouse? I wonder if they have added stuff or rotated over the years. It sure would be a flash from my past to see that one again.

In our family we drive by and rate the houses thusly:
nothing up:'Bah Humbug!'
nothing much up:'Nice try'
tastefully done: 'Awesome'
too much: 'Circus!'

It's so nice to hear my two year old yelling from her car seat yelling "CIRCUS!"