Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Blogs

Shortly after I started blogging I noticed that there were certain topics that I was passionate about. As a result, I decided to compartmentalize my posts relative to topic matter and over time I have gotten to the point where I now have 4 blogs that focus on different subjects.

As you know, Chaka's World is the flag ship of my vast blogging empire, and is dedicated to all things random. it's kind of like a grab bag or playing Russian roulette since you never know what you will get. Since my other blogs have so few followers, I'd like to give you a brief summary of each blog and link to a couple posts that may interest readers.

The Movie Guy contains my movie reviews and insights. I'll admit that sometimes I get lazy with my reviews, but you might like the following posts.

Morning Hoop is my newest and fastest growing blog and some of my favorite posts are found there, but many readers miss out because they assume it is just a place for dumb jocks to talk about basketball. 

I Wore Short Shorts 
The All Cave Man Team

Your Fitness Quest focuses on health and fitness and it probably my most beneficial blog, but dealing with one's health turns a lot of people off (kind of listening to Dave Ramsey and facing up to your finances) so it doesn't have the same draw as entertainment sites.

Anyway, I am often saddened that some of my favorite posts  never reach much of an audience so I thought I'd share the above posts. Yes, this may be shameless self promotion, but at least I haven't asked my readers for money...yet.


mCat said...

My problem with Jimmer caught my eye and am headed over.

I started to add to this comment, but I think I'll save it for the Jimmer post

ShanaM said...

Promotion is good. I will have to check out your movie blog.
I do like your FitnessQuest!

Anonymous said...

I loved the Wrestling and Caveman posts.

Charlotte said...

So I am lame. I always read and look forward to your movie blog posts but I check them on my phone which doesn't allow me to comment even though I really want to on some. I will try and be better though cause I really enjoy your posts :)

Cheeseboy said...

I love the mothership. Going to have to go check out your others. Didn't even realize you had them.

Given my love for U of U, I am going to have to skip theJimmer post.